Our history

Little is known about the formation of the Cascade Kombis, but the most widely agreed upon story is: In the Spring of 1986 or 1987, three families, the Crandalls, the Lukeys and the Slaters came together on Mt. Washington in the North Cascades. The three, with their early VW buses, a Dormobile Westfalia, a Riviera Camper, and a Fire Brigade Kombi, decided that an annual Vintage VW Meet was not enough to satisfy their Type II habits, a monthly dose was required. Crandall suggested a local pizza restaurant as it could be seen from the freeway. Slater pointed out the need for an active group to breathe the life into the local vintage VW scene. Luke railed against dues. They made it so... Once built, others came. Island people, Eastsiders, seekers of enlightenment and sanctuary from a water-cooled world. Slater preached "Responsibility" and the Vintage Meet became a part of the club. Luke demanded a strict regime of casualness. Crandall ordered pizza... The club has evolved since its beginnings. Our location has moved due to an ever-changing environment. Members have come and gone, but the vintage Volkswagen enthusiasm, Pizza, Vintage Meet and monthly gatherings still remain.