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38th Annual NW Vintage VW Car show Pre-Registration

Pre-Registration for the 2019 Vintage Meet will open in April 2019.

If you would like to show your air cooled VW at Vintage Meet this year, you must preregister. If you don't pre-register, you are not guaranteed entry to show your car! 

How does preregistration work?

Glad you asked! Simply fill out the online Preregistration form. Once you have paid at the gate ($25 for car + driver, $5 each additional person) proceed to the registration booth, tell us your name, and we will give you your car number. It's that easy!

Pre-Registration will guarantee you a space in the show until 9AM. After 9AM, remaining show spaces will be first-come, first-served!

So, to recap:

  • Fill out the online Preregistration form between April 1st and 9 PM, July 19th 2019
  • Come to the show on Saturday, July 20th, 2019 between 7:30am-9am.
  • Pay $25 for car + driver at the gate.
  • Visit the Registration Booth and tell us your name to get your car number.
  • Enjoy the show! Thanks for participating!!

Last Update: 01/09/2019