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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost? 
$5.00 per person for general entrance (kids 10 and under are free). $25.00 per car in the show (includes driver's admission). 

$40.00 for each 15'x15' swap space (2 standard size parking spaces). If you need more space, $40 per additional 15'x15' space.  First come, first served.

Part of the proceeds go to a scholarship for Shoreline Community College Automotive Program students.

How do I reserve Swap Space? 
There are no reservations for the Swap Area. Swap spaces are 2 standard sized parking spaces (15'x15'). Entrance is on a first come, first serve basis, with the gates opening for swap set-up at 6:30 am. 

What about my trailer?
We have room for trailer parking in the main campus parking lot - you can park and unload your car there. 

How do I get to the show? 
The Vintage VW Meet is located at Shoreline Community College (16101 Greenwood Avenue North • Shoreline, WA 98133).

Maps & Directions:

Follow the VW signs!

Can I show my water cooled VW? 

Sorry, while it's a fine vehicle, the Vintage show is limited to air cooled VW's. The only exception is special or unusual Vanagons (campers, DOKA's, etc).

How do I know if I can show my car? 
All air cooled VW's are allowed in the show, regardless of condition. You love it, show it off!

Whats the deal with Preregistration? 
Preregistration lets us know you are coming to the show. Its free, only takes a few seconds, and it will lock in your spot in the show. We will not give out your contact info or send you spam or junk mail. We do need your email address so we can send you a confirmation of your Preregistration. If you don't pre-register, there is a good chance your show car won't be allowed in to the show!

If you made a mistake on your Preregistration form, or would like to change the details, simply submit another form. We will use the data from the most current form. If you have already Preregistered and can't make it to the show for some reason, there is no need to tell us.

Do I have to be at the show to win the raffle?
If you buy any raffle tickets the *TICKET* must be there to win. We don't keep track of who buys which tickets - when we call a ticket number someone needs to be there to claim the prize. If you want to give your tickets to a friend who will be at the show to check for you... great, no problem!  

Can I bring my dog to the show?
Absolutely, we love dogs! Your dog must remain on a leash while at the show.

Can I volunteer to help at the show?
Absolutely! Our show is completely run by volunteers. If you'd like to take a shift and get an exclusive staff shirt, shoot an email to our volunteer coordinator:

Still have questions?

Last Update: 03/17/2019